We identified 4 key skin elements and created powerful serums that offer the ultimate in customizable skin aging protection.

Maximum Glow

Natural Melanin AntiBody Complex blended with skin-brightening Alpha Arbutin and derivatized Vitamin C boost skin’s luminosity. Dull, lackluster skin will instantly look revitalized with a healthy-looking glow.

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Intense hydration

Blends our Ceramide AntiBody Complex with a fusion of triple Hyaluronic Acids and derivatized Amino Acids to provide deep, intensive moisture. Skin will look smoother and plumper and feel intensely hydrated.

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renewal sleep

Ceramide AntiBody Complex works in harmony with a powerful tri-peptides and elasticity-boosting Proteoglycan. The powerful actives work as a reset button for skin as you sleep.

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Ceramide AntiBody Complex combines with Actinidia Polyglama Fruit (Silver Vine) extract from Japan to help protect against lipo oxidation caused by external environmental aggressors.

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japanese medicine

antibody technology

Our serums are powered by our globally-patented natural AntiBody Technology. A finding borne out of medical research from a noted professor from the University of Kyoto, it was discovered that the same antibodies used to help fight viruses also effectively helped to boost ceramide production and neutralize skin-damaging antigens that form on the skin’s surface. These Antigens accelerate the formation of fine lines, wrinkles and a dull complexion.

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leader in skincare innovation

japanese beauty philosophy

While J-Beauty is just now trending in the rest of the world’s beauty cabinets, Japan has been the leader in skincare innovation for centuries. Japan’s long traditions and philosophies emphasize pure products featuring understated luxury, long term efficacy and cleaner ingredients. It’s the perfect harmony of science in balance with nature.

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