Custom Blending Serum Series

Ubuna Discovery Collection


Discover the key to unlock your most amazing skin. The UBUNA Discovery Kit contains one each of our AntiBody Technology serums in a luxury mini size that allows you to mix and blend until you find your own perfect combination. 

Because one size does not fit all…

Kit contains:

Drench Intense Hydration Serum (10ml/0.33 fl. oz).

Blends our Ceramide AntiBody Complex with a fusion of triple Hyaluronic Acids and derivatized Amino Acids to provide deep, intensive moisture. Skin will look smoother and plumper and feel intensely hydrated.

Brighten Maximum Glow Serum (10ml/0.33 fl. oz)

Natural Melanin AntiBody Complex blended with skin-brightening Alpha Arbutin and derivatized Vitamin C boost skin’s luminosity. Dull, lackluster skin will instantly look revitalized with a healthy-looking glow.

ReGen Renewal Sleep Serum (10ml/0.33 fl. oz)

Ceramide AntiBody Complex works in harmony with a powerful tri-peptides and elasticity-boosting Proteoglycan. The powerful actives work as a reset button for skin as you sleep.

Resist Anti-Pollution Serum (10ml/0.33 fl. oz)

Ceramide AntiBody Complex combines with Actinidia Polyglama Fruit (Silver Vine) extract from Japan to help protect against lipo oxidation caused by external environmental aggressors.

Select any combination of serums according to your skin’s needs. As an example, to add hydration and illumination, combine Dreench + Brighten. For dry, stressed skin, combine Drench + ReGen. It’s all up to your skin’s needs. Apply serums onto palm and warm to body temperature for a few seconds to enhance penetration into skin. Gently pat onto skin until absorbed.